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Jim Justice vs. West Virginia Republican Party

(Charleston, WV) — At today’s press conference Governor Justice slammed Senate Republicans and Craig Blair. Justice says since they’ve launched their actions against teachers and now they are coming after him. 

“Don’t let Justice fool you; he has played his own part in attacking and disrespecting our teachers and students. The only reason he’s calling out his Republican colleagues is because they’re turning against him,” said Belinda Biafore WVDP Chairwoman.  “Republicans are in chaos once again.” 

“They’ve dug themselves in a hole, and now they want to beat on me,” said Governor Jim Justice during his press conference today. 

Governor Justice and Mitch Carmichael have been at odds for a while, and now Craig Blair is getting in on the action too. 

“Craig Blair is a bully,” said Governor Jim Justice. “That’s all there is to it.” 

This morning Senator Craig Blair called for Governor Justice’s resignation after last week Senator Shelley Moore Capito refused to endorse Justice on MetroNews Talkline. 

“You know, Governor Justice tells the press to not focus on the ‘drama’ and first of all, what an insult. Second, when the leadership in your state isn’t leading, and all they are doing is attacking each other for their own personal gain, that’s pretty legitimate news. He just wants to hide it and everything else he has going on right now.” 

“The Republican Party in West Virginia is in pure chaos, and they are turning against each other fast. Our teachers and fellow West Virginians are not pawns in the Republican Party’s war with each other. West Virginia deserves better than this.”