WVGOP excited to hear from Dick Cheney & this is what we think:

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The Chamber of Commerce invites Dick Cheney to keynote meeting– and WV GOP is excited about it.
To sum up how we feel about it Vice Chair Chris Regan told the Gazette-Mail, “As the architect of America’s greatest foreign policy disaster in the last 50 years and part of the administration that brought the worst economic catastrophe since the Great Depression, I’m surprised that they would be interested to hear from him,” Regan said. “But I guess that’s up to them.”
Chair Belinda Biafore says, “Under the Bush/Cheney administration thousands of jobs were lost every month, the Financial sector was ruined with staggering federal deficits. He stood by and watched as 35 million uninsured Americans risked death and financial ruin without proper and affordable health care. Why would the Chamber want to tout that agenda?”
Remember in 2008 when Cheney chose ignorant remarks to insult the people of West Virginia? We do.  See video below:

WVGOP Chairman Conrad Lucas is excited to hear Cheney talk about foreign policy and energy sources telling the Gazette-Mail, “He has a very long-term view of the world and I know participants of the business summit will be anxious to hear from him.”
The WVGOP may be excited about it, but we’re just holding out hope that Cheney will have a little for respect for the people of West Virginia while he is actually in our state.
Vice Chair and WV AFL-CIO President Kenny Perdue and Vice Chair Chris Regan both spoke out in the Charleston Gazette Mail.