WVDP Chair Statement on the Appointment of Del Stephen Baldwin to Sen Ron Miller’s 10th Dist. Senate Seat

Bridget McGuire Press Releases

For Immediate Release
October, 16 2017

WVDP Chair Belinda Biafore issued the following statement regarding the appointment of Delegate Stephen Baldwin to Senator Ron Miller’s 10th Dist. Senate Seat:

First and foremost I would like to thank each individual who put their name in the hat and stepped up to fill Senator Ron Miller’s seat for the people of the 10th Senate District. Congratulations to Stephen Baldwin who as a Delegate since 2016 has done amazing things and fought hard for the people of West Virginia. I know he will continue to do what’s best for the people of the 10th Senate District and all West Virginians in the Senate. I also want to thank Senator Ron Miller for all the work he’s done in serving the people of West Virginia and I know that Stephen Baldwin will continue the work that needs to be done.”