WV didn’t vote Mitch Carmichael for Governor..

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Mitch Carmichael Running the Show, Pulling Justice’s Puppet Strings
“If Mitch says ‘jump’, Jim asks “how high?”
It’s clear that the “I’m-not-a-politican” days are far behind Jim Justice after he abandoned West Virginians that voted for him and switched parties to play political games.
“Jim Justice said after switching parties that ‘Jim is still Jim,'” said Belinda Biafore. “Well, self-serving Jim is still as selfish as ever and West Virginians want their money back. It’s clear that Mitch Carmichael is running the show and the people of West Virginia didn’t vote for Mitch Carmichael.”
GOP Senate President Mitch Carmichael is known for pushing selfish bills for his own personal motivations and those of his big money friends while taking jobs, money, health care, benefits and quality education from hard-working West Virginia families.
Since Justice switched parties he’s fired his chief of staff for his personal beliefs and party affiliation while allowing Carmichael to make staffing changes and even speak on behalf of the Governor’s Office.
Carmichael hand-picked Justice’s new chief of staff, Senator Mike Hall, to get him out of the Senate and announced the move himself. Word is now that Carmichael’s personal relationships will soon be filling vacant offices in the Governor’s Office as well.
“The joke in the Legislature is that if Mitch says jump, Jim asks, ‘how high’ to advance his massive self-serving coal and personal tax cuts,” said Delegate Isaac Sponaugle. “An act of nepotism is the latest method used by Mitch in ‘Jumping Jim’s’ obedience training.”

The people of West Virginia voted for Jim Justice with hope that he would keep his promises and better the future of West Virginia. They did not vote for Mitch Carmichael to be their governor and since they can’t get their votes back Jim Justice should give them their money back.

West Virginia voters and donors to Jim Justice’s campaign have expressed their frustration and disappointment in his deception and want their donations back. From dollars to thousands, West Virginians put their resources in someone who lied directly to their faces and they deserve better.