WV Dems Call on Justice to Take Stance on Gov Shutdown

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January 3, 2019

Contact: Brittni McGuire, Brittni@wvdemocrats.com

Trump’s Government Shutdown Effects 18,000 West Virginia Federal Employees
West Virginians deserve to know where Governor Justice stands

(Charleston,WV) — Yesterday U.S. Senator Joe Manchin pointed out that because of the Trump Government Shutdown 18,000 federal workers in West Virginia are being effected. Those 18,000 West Virginians and their families deserve to know where Governor Justice stands on Trump’s shutdown.

“18,000 West Virginians could be working without pay because Trump, in his own words, is ‘proud’ to shut the government down and seemingly Governor Jim Justice is okay with it,” said Belinda Biafore, WVDP Chairwoman.

“Governor Jim Justice is supposed to protect and fight for West Virginians so where does he stand on Trump’s shutdown while 18,000 federal employees in West Virginia could be working and not getting paid?”

According to OPM there are roughly 18,000 federal workers in West Virginia that are impacted by a government shutdown. 

“West Virginians and federal employees across the nation are having to choose between buying food and filling their prescriptions. Shutting the government down may not mean much for the wealthy and powerful like Trump and Justice, but these are peoples lives, not a political game.”