West Virginia Republicans Seek to Undo the Work of Our Founding Fathers

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West Virginia Republicans Seek to Undo the Work of Our Founding Fathers
Bill Cole and Senate Republicans vote for Constitutional convention 

One thing is certain, you never see their next move coming and yesterday Senate President Bill Cole and the Republican Majority in the Senate voted for a Constitutional convention of the states, first ever since 1787.

“This will do nothing for the state of West Virginia” said Democratic Senator Mike Romano. “Do not vote for a plan to change what has made this [country] the greatest country on Earth.”

They did.

Once again, we ask ourselves if this doesn’t help the people of West Virginia then who does it help? The answer is quite clear considering the resolution is identical to a model adopted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) in September of 2015.

Big money donors and friends of Bill Cole and Republicans sure are getting their monies worth.

The West Virginia Republican Party hold the majority in the State Legislature and they will stop at nothing to pass their self-dealing, anti-worker legislation. They are even willing to open up the Constitution that our country was founded on, the Constitution that made American the greatest country on Earth, and the Constitution that was created by our Founding Fathers to ensure that America and her people had their freedoms.

The GOP is willing to risk opening every section of the Constitution, including the Bill or Rights.
The risk of creating a Constitutional crisis is nothing to the Republican Party; they will exercise their power over the American people to benefit themselves and their big money friends at ALEC.
As read in a Charleston Gazette-Mail article by David Gutman“Legal experts from across the political spectrum have expressed concern that a convention could set its own agenda and write its own rules.” The article even offers the opinion of late Supreme Court Justice Scalia. “I certainly would not want a constitutional convention,” late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia said in 2014. ‘Whoa, who knows what would come of it.'”
In West Virginia Senate Democrats stood in strong opposition. Senate Minority Leader Jeff Kessler stated on the floor, “This method has never been tried, and for good reason,” said Senate Minority Leader Jeff Kessler. “We don’t know where it will go, because it has no constraints.”

Senator Bill Cole and the Republican majority will stop at nothing until they take your money, your property rights, your civil rights, your voting rights, and now your Constitutional safeguards.

The list goes on and on and we need your help to fight for West Virginia.

Democrats in the Senate stood up for your rights yesterday, they stood up for our Constitution and we need you to join us in that fight.