West Virginia House and Senate Democrats On GOP Leadership

Bridget McGuire Press Releases

For Immediate Release

July 13, 2017

Contact: Senate Minority Leader Senator Roman Prezioso
House Minority Leader Delegate Tim Miley

West Virginia House and Senate Democrats On GOP Leadership
(Charleston, WV)— In response to the Republican leadership’s inaction and passage of their disastrous budget, the West Virginia Democratic Senate and House members released the following statement:
“In just three short years of Republican leadership in the Legislature, West Virginia’s finances are in chaos. The Republican majority had the votes to ban prevailing wage and hurt working families, but when it came down to passing a budget, even though they had the votes, they kept us in a special session costing taxpayers half a million dollars. They passed a budget that hurt our young people trying to get an education by raising tuition, and hurt our seniors by threatening their health care through Medicaid. They hurt people once again.
“Even though the Republicans had the votes to do what they wanted to do, they couldn’t get the job done for the people of West Virginia so Democrats, along with Governor Jim Justice, put together legislation to fix our roads and create thousands of jobs putting people in West Virginia back to work.”