We need to keep it going!

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Fellow Democrats,
I cannot thank you enough for the overwhelming support we received on Friday night at our annual Jefferson Jackson Dinner Celebration. The energy in the room was unfathomable. It was an exciting night and those seats in that room were filled with hardworking West Virginia Democrats.

Every Democrat in that room cares about hardworking families. Every Democrat in that room cares about our children’s education and our families safety. Every Democrat in that room cares about our workers getting the pay and benefits that THEY DESERVE! And every Democrat that was with us in that room cares about our future here in our beautiful Mountain State.

This past year we have faced challenges and obstacles that showed us who we really are. We are the Party of hardworking West Virginia families. We are the Party that fights for you and your families’, your children and your grandchildren, our veterans and our seniors. We don’t fight for ourselves to get ahead, we fight for West Virginia to get ahead and that is EXACTLY what we will continue to do!

While our night was exciting and overwhelming with support, we need to keep it going! In attendance we had thousands of Democrats that are eager and excited for 2016 and with your support I cannot wait to see what we will accomplish!

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough.


Belinda Biafore, Chair