We need to do two things

Curt Zickafoose Blog

Fellow Democrats,

The Republican Majority’s prevailing wage repeal moves through the Senate and will be up for a vote to be sent to the Governor’s desk later this week.

With attack after attack on West Virginia workers, their jobs, their wages, and their families, the Republican majority refuses ANY ATTEMPT by Democrats for more information on what this bill will do for our state besides cut wages and benefits for our workers.

House and Senate Democrats have moved for fiscal notes and transparency regarding the legislation and they are denied every single time.

Democrats were told by Republican leaders Senate President Bill Cole and House Speaker Delegate Armstead that repealing the prevailing wage has “no fiscal impact” on the state of West Virginia. That leads us to the question that Charleston Gazette Mail reporter Phil Kabler asked on Twitter: “If the repeal of Prevailing Wage has no fiscal impact on [our] state, why are we doing it?”

The question isn’t only “why“, but “how” does the changing of wage rates NOT have a fiscal impact on our state? The answer to this is simple, the Republican majority is pushing a radical national agenda that does nothing but benefit themselves and their big money buddies. Just this past weekend Senate President Bill Cole visited his Koch Brother buddies to raise money and get his marching orders to continue the attack on West Virginia workers and their families. 

Republicans are focusing on cutting wages and gutting jobs when they should be finding a way to fix and fund PEIA among other issues. Democrats have fought for funding of the PEIA and made it a top priority this session only to be roadblocked by the self-serving majority. What is more important to the Republican majority than fixing PEIA? Discrimination, cutting wages, taking jobs from workers, making your workplace more dangerous, filling their pockets, filling their big money buddies’ pockets.. The list goes on and on.

We’re fighting for you, but we need your help.

We need two things. One, call the Republican Senators before they vote this week to repeal prevailing wage and tell them enough is enough, urge them to vote “NO” on cutting your wages and taking money out of your pockets. Find their numbers here. Two, we need to vote them out. You can now register to vote online here. The only way we can solve this problem and stop the attack on working families is to get rid of those who are doing it.

Democrats are proud to stand with you and we will continue to right the radical, anti-worker agenda being pushed by the West Virginia Republican Party.


Your West Virginia Democratic Party