We couldn’t be more disgusted, Don Blankenship continues his lies

Bridget McGuire Blog

Fueling rumors of disgraceful Don Blankenship’s run for U.S. Senate in 2018, he released appalling ads lying to the people of West Virginia about the tragedy that West Virginia suffered when we lost 29 miners at UBB

This is pure disgust. Don Blankenship’s actions are appalling and disturbing to say the least. The tragedy at UBB was more than devastating, it shook families and West Virginia to the core. We lost 29 brave West Virginians that day because of Don Blankenship. Now, he is releasing ads trying to pull the wool over the eyes of West Virginians, blaming anyone but himself. This is just wrong. These families have went through more than you could ever imagine and now they are being used as political propaganda by Don Blankenship to further a political career for himself and THAT IS WRONG,” said Belinda Biafore WVDP Chair.

We at the West Virginia Democratic Party are a political organization, but make no mistake we have long stood with our miners, workers, their families and the UMWA in fighting for coal miner safety, justice, and much more. These ads are blatant lies and disrespect to people who have lost too much already. We will continue to stand up with them and for them and that is what we’re doing.

Our good friend and United Mine Workers of America International President Cecil E. Roberts said in a statement that he was “disgusted” by the ads, and called them “desperate, low-life attempt to once again shift the blame for a decade of death, destruction and despair at Massey Energy while Blankenship was CEO.”
He continued:

Don Blankenship, by creating a corporate culture that put production over safety, is responsible for these failures. It is appalling that he continues his despicable attempt to shift the blame from himself, each time ripping open the painful wounds the families of the victims will suffer forever. Although Don Blankenship may not have received the proper punishment in this world, those families can rest assured that he will receive it in the next.