Tomorrow: Republican Majority’s anti-worker legislation reaches its peak

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Fellow Democrats,

TOMORROW: Republican Majority’s anti-worker legislation reaches peak as Senate Bill 1, so called “right-to work” legislation, will be up for vote in the House, and House Bill 4005, repeal of prevailing wage, will be up for vote in the Senate. Both bills if voted through by the GOP, will make their way to the Governor’s desk for signing into law.

What do these bills mean for West Virginia? Lower wages, weakened workplace safety, loss of benefits and pension security, higher workplace fatalities, dismantled unions and money in the pockets of Bill Cole and the Republican Majority’s big money friends.

Sadly, we have watched as the Republican majority has continued their attack on West Virginia workers, their wages and their families this legislative session.

Not only did Bill Cole go to Palm Springs to get his marching orders from the Koch Brothers, he returned to the Senate to reiterate that his repeal of prevailing wage “has no fiscal impact” on West Virginia.

The question to be asked is, “if there is no fiscal impact, Senator, then why are you doing it?”

On both sides of the Capitol, Democratic Senators and Delegates have tried to appeal the bills asking for fiscal notes, transparency, evidence of betterment for WV, and the impact that this would have on West Virginia workers and their families. The ONLY thing that has been said for sure on both “right-to-work” legislation and their repeal of prevailing wage is that it will LOWER WAGES FOR WEST VIRGINIA WORKERS.

That’s all the evidence we have.

Senator Bill Cole told the Charleston Gazette-Mail, “It is disheartening to me that in the short window of time that we have, we must continue to waste precious time with obstruction and political games that do nothing to get West Virginians back to work or grow our state’s economy.”

He’s calling the act of  thousands of West Virginia workers who have gathered at their Capitol to stand up for their jobs and who have filled the galleries daily to participate in the process, “obstruction and political games”.

He’s calling the act of Democratic Senators and Delegates who are fighting for your wages and jobs, “obstruction and political games.”

Someone should tell Senator Cole and his Republican majority that cutting wages and jobs is NOT growing our state’s economy. They are attacking our wages and the quality of our lives here in West Virginia.

Call your legislators and urge them to vote “NO” on the Republican’s repeal of prevailing wage (HB 4005) and so called “right-to-work” legislation (SB 1). Find their numbers here: Senators & Delegates.


Belinda Biafore, Chair