The Bill Cole Lemon of the Week, Week 2

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The Bill Cole Lemon of the Week

Week 2: Cole’s Friend, Senator Karnes, Disrespected WV Workers and Cole didn’t apologize

As so called “right-to-work” legislation was passed by Bill Cole and Senate Republicans, West Virginia workers traveled to the Capitol to participate in the process. While visiting the people’s house and trying to honestly participate, Senator Karnes mocks them by pointing in the Senate gallery and calling them “free riders.”

What did Senator Bill Cole say to his friend and colleague for disrespecting the people of West Virginia on Bill Cole’s Senate floor?  Nothing.

Did he apologize to those workers who were mocked for trying to participate in the process? No. What did he do instead? He called the Senate gallery to order when they were understandably upset by the blatant disrespect they received from one of the Republican Senators of one of their Senators.

Souring West Virginia one lemon at a time, Cole is not only shamelessly selling Senate Bill 1, “right-to-work” legislation, but also allowing his Republican Senate to disrespect the people of West Virginia.

Will Bill Cole ever apologize to the West Virginia workers and their families that were disrespected under his leadership?