Thank a Veteran today..

Curt Zickafoose Blog

Fellow Democrat,

West Virginia has more Veterans per capita than almost any other state in America. We are undoubtedly patriotic. We are grateful and hardworking people indebted to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for a free West Virginia and America.

Today on Veterans Day, as we do every day, we honor and we thank our Veterans who served selflessly and bravely. We fight daily for our Veterans against Republican policies that put them at risk. We owe them much more than we could ever repay– but we will always do the right thing by our Veterans and their families.
When our service members defend us and they come home it’s our turn. It’s our job to fight for and protect our Veterans after they’ve given themselves to protect¬†us.
Our Veterans fought for equal opportunity for all Americans and all West Virginians– Now, more than ever, we need to defend what they’ve fought for. We will continue pushing forward to protect our Veterans and be sure that they have the opportunities that they deserve. They’ve done more than enough for us and today and every day moving forward we will do what it takes to stand up for them.
Join me today in thanking and honoring our Veterans.
Belinda Biafore, Chair