Statement on Justice’s Supreme Court Appointment

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Governor Justice Appoints Judge John Hutchinson to Fill Supreme Court Vacancy

(Charleston, WV) – Governor Jim Justice appointed Raleigh County Circuit Court Judge John Hutchison to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to fill the vacancy left by Justice Allen Loughry in spite of West Virginia voters who voted for Judge Joanna Tabit in November. Judge Joanna Tabit was the 3rd highest vote getter coming behind only Jenkins and Armstead. 
Chairwoman Belinda Biafore released the following statement:

 “Governor Justice is doing what he does best, ignoring the people of West Virginia and moving forward with his own self-serving, corrupt agenda. The people of West Virginia overwhelming voted for Joanna Tabit making her the 3rd highest vote-getter in the Supreme Court races with 112,000 votes. With absolutely no disrespect to Justice’s appointee John Hutchinson, once again this appointment was made in spite of West Virginia voters.”