Statement from WVDP Chairwoman Belinda Biafore on Friday’s Hate Display & GOP Leadership’s Actions:

Brittni McGuire Press Releases

For Immediate Release:

March 4, 2019
Contact: Brittni McGuire,, 304-342-6606

“The people of West Virginia deserve better than the leadership they are getting from the Republican Party.  Friday’s hate display in the Capitol shows what they truly stand for and are willing to stand by. The Republican Party approved the booths and participants at the Capitol on Friday as a part of WV GOP Day that is representative of what they value and believe. 

“Speaker Hanshaw’s hypocrisy by stripping Delegate Caputo of his committee assignments is unreal, while Republican Delegate Porterfield was never reprimanded and is apparently supported in his hate speech and acts of verbal violence toward the LGBTQ community. 

“This isn’t about free speech. We all have the right to speak freely in our country, but that doesn’t mean that hate speech and verbal attacks, like Porterfield has displayed from his position of power in our government, should go without repercussion. 

“Delegate Caputo has been remorseful and apologetic for the accidental injury that occurred on Friday, while Delegate Porterfield continues to double down on his verbal violence and attacks.

“The Democratic Party will always stand against hate of all forms. Hate has no home in West Virginia and it truly saddens me that this is what our neighbors and fellow Americans are seeing from our state. The type of hate speech and verbal attacks we’ve seen from the Republican Leadership does not represent the people of West Virginia and we will fight tooth and nail to ensure that those wishing to come to our great state feel welcome and know just that.”