STATEMENT: Chair Belinda Biafore on tonight’s #DemDebate

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For Immediate Release:

October 13, 2015

Statement: Chair Belinda Biafore on tonight’s first #DemDebate 

” As if it wasn’t already, the difference could not be more CLEAR.

“During tonight’s debate we watched along with you. Once again, we saw not only the stark difference between our candidates and the GOP candidates, but we saw what it is like when adults have a discussion about fundamental issues and agendas.

“Our Democratic candidates for President spoke on real issues, real problems and real solutions.

“Our candidates talked about strengthening the middle class and strengthening our economy, equality for all and expanding opportunities, access to quality healthcare and access to solid education without crippling debt, equal pay for equal work and deserved pay for hard work, and other ways to pave the best path forward for our country.

Tonight we are reminded who stands with our students, our seniors, our veterans, our families, our children and our neighbors. We are Democrats and we will continue the fight through 2016 to ensure that we elect a Democrat to the White House.”