STATEMENT: Chair Belinda Biafore on National Voter Registration Day

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Statement: Chair Belinda Biafore on National Voter Registration Day 

Today on National Voter Registration Day it is extremely important that we spread the message to every single voter to ensure that our voices are heard.

I cannot stress the importance of your voice and your vote.
This past legislative session we fought back as the new republican majority attacked our hardworking West Virginia families. They passed legislation that put our children’s education, our workers’ safety and wages, our families, and our future at risk. We need to stand together and fight back in 2016 to make sure we put a stop to this!
Your children’s education, your workplace safety, your wages, your benefits, and the quality of life for family is at risk and we simply cannot stand back and watch the Republican party continue their attack on hardworking West Virginia families. 
This starts with your vote, your participation, and your voice.
We need each other and it starts with registering to vote.