Standing up for the VRA..

Bridget McGuire Blog

Fellow Democrat,

Today marks the 52nd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act that was signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson and still today we face an uphill battle in our fight for voting rights.

We are fighting to protect it every single day and this Administration’s efforts to keep Americans and West Virginians from the ballot box is deeply disturbing and disgraceful.

We will continue to honor and thank those civil rights activists who fought for our right to vote. We owe them much more than words can say for their fight, but what we can do is commit to upholding the rights they fought for today and every day moving forward.

Now more than ever we need to fight to protect our right to the ballot box and our freedom to participate in our democracy. We need to be vigilant of the GOP’s efforts to make it harder for us to vote. Nationally and here at home in West Virginia Republicans are trying to deceive us and prevent us from a fair and honest democracy. 

We cannot and will not allow them to succeed. Please join us today in committing to fighting for every West Virginian and American’s right to vote.


Belinda Biafore, Chair