Republicans pushed “right to work” through committee..

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Fellow Democrats,

The Republican majority in the Senate Judiciary Committee just pushed “right to work” (for less) through to the Senate floor.

Since wasting no time on day one (even making “right to work” Senate Bill 1) of the 2016 legislative session, they’ve been attacking West Virginia workers and their families.

Sadly, the Republican attack on West Virginia workers is not new to us and it is a battle we’ve been fighting since they took majority in 2014.

This week, thousands of workers and their families came to Charleston to fight back and tell the Republican leadership just what they think; lowering their wages, attacking their unions, and putting their jobs at risk so that they can line the pockets of their out-of-state corporate buddies IS WRONG.

Right to work is wrong. Repealing prevailing wage is wrong. Putting our workers and their wages at risk is wrong.

“Right to work” is pushed by false rhetoric and relies on false data. The only thing that is clear about “right to work” or “workplace freedom”  is that it has nothing to do with freedom or rights. This legislation cuts wages and benefits, lessens workplace safety, attacks unions, and guts the quality jobs that we have here in West Virginia. All for what? Certainly not the betterment of our state or our workers. What the Republican majority is doing is the exact opposite.

We will continue to fight for you and your families. We will continue to stand with West Virginia workers when they say “enough is enough”. We need your help too.

Stand with us! The workers who have built this state deserve your support. We are not giving up and we will not turn our backs on our families, friends, and brothers and sisters.

We will continue to fight for you.


Belinda Biafore, Chair