Release: Bill Cole Passes The Buck On Fixing West Virginia Roads

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September 15, 2015

Politician Bill Cole Passes The Buck On Fixing West Virginia Roads

Cole cares more about getting elected than getting things done

CHARLESTON, WV— Today, the Exponent Telegram editorial page took state Senator Bill to task for passing the buck on road funding. Senator Cole has revealed himself as a politician that is quick to grandstand on important issues, but won’t take responsibility for fixing anything.

Charleston is broken because of politicians like Cole who lack leadership, and will say anything to get elected.

KEY QUESTION FOR COLE: Why should our County Commissioners be forced to make the tough decisions that Bill Cole wants to dodge?

“Cole is a typical politician, and this is what politicians do when confronted with big issues: nothing,” said Brittni McGuire, a spokeswoman for the West Virginia Democratic Party.

“Senator Cole’s lack of leadership and political gimmicks will not fix our roads and bridges. This just shows voters that Bill Cole will say anything to advance his political career.”


Exponent Telegram Editorial Board: Cole’s Road Plan “Another Case of Passing the Buck?”

On 9/15/15, the Exponent Telegram’s editorial board criticized Cole’s proposal to shift road construction responsibility to local counties, asserting that such a plan was simply “just another case of passing the buck.” [Exponent Telegram Editorial Board, 9/15/15]