Preview of Supreme Court Announcement

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Preview of Supreme Court Announcement

Will Morrisey blindly commit to supporting Republican nominee?

CHARLESTON, WV — Attorney General Patrick Morrisey routinely marches in lockstep with the leaders of the Washington establishment. We predict that tonight’s Supreme Court announcement won’t be any different.

Morrisey toed the party line and joined a federal lawsuit to help big insurance companies deny coverage for people with pre-existing conditions. Now, Morrisey is primed to take the same approach when it comes to tonight’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

WHAT TO WATCH: Morrisey will blindly support the nominee, regardless of the facts.

  • Morrisey won’t do his due diligence to research and vet the nominee. He’ll just blindly follow Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

  • Morrisey will pledge his support for the nominee before he knows if the nominee would be hostile to West Virginia.

  • Morrisey will make a purely partisan call on filling a Supreme Court seat before any Senate hearings take place or any serious questions are asked.

  • Morrisey will disgrace the Founding Fathers and the U.S. Constitution by urging the U.S. Senate to rubber-stamp the president’s Supreme Court pick.

“Will Patrick Morrisey try to make a good decision, or will he follow the same direction out of Washington just as he did with the lawsuit to deny coverage for people pre-existing conditions and hurts 800,000 West Virginians?,” said Belinda Biafore, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party.