Patrick Morrisey wages attack on young people, rural areas, and small businesses

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May 16, 2018

Brittni McGuire,

Patrick Morrisey wages attack on young people, rural areas, and small businesses

Morrisey Won’t Protect Net Neutrality

CHARLESTON, WV — Today, the U.S. Senate will vote on legislation to protect consumers and preserve net neutrality. If Patrick Morrisey had a vote, he would vote with the big corporations to undermine West Virginia’s young people, small businesses, and rural communities. (, 2017)

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has refused to protect consumers and to support net neutrality. It’s a direct attack from Morrisey on West Virginia’s young people, local businesses, and entrepreneurs. Repeal of net neutrality threatens online learning and makes it harder for small businesses to compete. It would be a disaster for West Virginia, but Morrisey backs repeal anyway.

In December, the Federal Communications Commission repealed rules to block internet providers — like Verizon or Comcast — from speeding up or slowing down traffic from specific websites. (CNN, 2018)

Democrats in West Virginia, from U.S. Senator Joe Manchin to state Senator Richard Ojeda have pushed to maintain open and affordable internet service. The Republican repeal of net neutrality would be devastating to rural communities, small businesses, and working families all over West Virginia.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey won’t listen to West Virginians and sides with big corporations.

In January, Morrisey received a petition with more than 200,000 signatures from people in West Virginia demanding that West Virginia’s Attorney General support net neutrality and take action on behalf of Mountain State consumers.

Attorney General Morrisey ignored the voices of West Virginians and did nothing to protect consumers.

On the campaign trail, Morrisey criticized Attorneys General in other states for opposing the repeal of net neutrality and stated that government didn’t need to protect consumers (Tom Roten Show, 12/18/17). Morrisey also decided to hire a solicitor general in his office who opposed the FCC’s past efforts to implement net neutrality.

“Patrick Morrisey’s failure to defend net neutrality just shows he isn’t the least bit interested in protecting young people, entrepreneurs, or working families, and will always side with the big corporations over people,” said Belinda Biafore, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “Morrisey is betting that younger West Virginians aren’t paying attention to his position on this important issue, but they won’t forget that he is undermining the future of our state come November. Getting rid of net neutrality is a sucker punch to West Virginia and our Attorney General won’t lift a finger to help our state.”