Moore Loss Delivers Devastating Blow To Trump 

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Moore Loss Delivers Devastating Blow To Trump 

Roy Moore’s loss last night was another devastating blow to President Trump, who put his full support behind Roy Moore. Basically everyone agrees:

CNN’s Jim Acosta: “Source close to WH: ‘It’s devastating for the president… this is an earthquake… Virginia but on steroids… the president has egg on his face’ because of Bannon.”

CNN: “A devastating loss for Trump in Alabama”

CNN: “President Donald Trump should be sweating after the shocking outcome in Alabama’s special election. Roy Moore’s defeat is a huge blow to him personally and to the GOP as a party.”

The Guardian: “Alabama election: Democrats triumph over Roy Moore in major blow to Trump

Washington Post: “In Alabama, a lousy night for Republicans and a resounding defeat for Trump

Washington Post: “But the stunning victory by Democrat Doug Jones was a devastating blow to a party wracked by divisions and intraparty rivalries and a humiliating defeat for President Trump.”

Politico: “Trump suffers ‘big black eye’ in Alabama”

Politico: “Doug Jones didn’t just defeat Roy Moore in Alabama’s Senate race on Tuesday night — he administered the most crushing and embarrassing political blow of President Donald Trump’s young presidency.”

Bloomberg: “Moore’s Defeat in Alabama Deals Trump a Rebuke Ahead of 2018 Races”

Bloomberg: “The defeat of Republican Roy Moore in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race by Democrat Doug Jones was a stunning rebuke to the GOP’s anti-establishment wing led by Steve Bannon and a major political embarrassment for President Donald Trump.”

Washington Times: “Analysis: Trump bets on Moore and suffers stinging defeat

New York Times: “Still, the embarrassing loss showed the limits of the president’s power to persuade voters and to lead his party.”

NBC News: “Conservative firebrand Roy Moore ousted incumbent Sen. Luther Strange on Tuesday night in the heated Alabama Senate race, handing a defeat to President Donald Trump, who had endorsed and campaigned for Strange.”

Politico: “Republican Roy Moore is defeated in a huge blow for President Donald Trump and his former strategist Steve Bannon.”

Associated Press: “The Republican loss was a major embarrassment for the president and a fresh wound for the nation’s already divided GOP.”