Meet Your Candidate: Senator Jeff Kessler

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Fellow Democrats,

As your State Democratic Party we want to keep you updated and connected with yourcandidates. Meet your candidate Senator Jeff Kessler and learn more about him and his campaign for governor.

A message from Senator Kessler:

As current Minority Leader and former Senate President/Lt. Governor, I’ve worked for decades to promote our Democratic beliefs, ideals and values. I have fought for our mine workers against those who would put profits before their safety. I fought Republicans when they wanted to repeal the prevailing wage law. 

My fellow Democrats, know that as your Governor I’ll fight to increase the wages of all West Virginians because no one who works full time should live in poverty.  

I’ve fought for paid sick leave and have pushed for years to end employment and housing discrimination. Those are OUR values and that is why we are Democrats.There is a stark contrast among the announced candidates for Governor and the Democratic and Republican agendas for our state. 

The 2015 legislative session exposed the major differences between the parties. Last session I demanded a pay raise for teachers and the Republicans said NO. I pushed hard to raise money to fix our roads and bridges and the Republicans said NO. I demanded more funding for substance abuse treatment programs and again the Republicans said NO. They even killed my efforts to require greater financial disclosures to stop the public auction of our elections. Join me if you believe that our democracy and West Virginia are not for sale!

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Let’s continue the conversation!– Jeff 

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