Meet Your Candidate: Jim Justice

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Fellow Democrat,

As your State Democratic Party we want to keep you updated and connected with yourcandidates

Meet your candidate Jim Justice and learn more about him and his campaign for governor. 

A message from Jim Justice:

Jim wanted to pass along that he greatly appreciates your involvement with your government and state. He believes that we need to come together to tackle West Virginia’s greatest challenges. We have too many families hurting across the state and that is such a shame because we are good people and our state has so much to offer the world. West Virginia, unfortunately, is known for too many negative things. Jim has experience showcasing our state in a positive light through the many high-profile events at The Greenbrier and he wants to bring that experience to state government to create good jobs.

Stay connected with Jim‘s campaign. In the coming months he will be announcing his detailed plans for creating good jobs in West Virginia and making more visits across the state.

Get to know Jim Justice better and stay connected with his campaign for governor:

Learn about Jim‘s strong background in creating good jobs in various industries across West Virginia by clicking here.

Learn about Jim‘s commitment to our community through his charitable work and high school basketball coaching experience by clicking here.

Stay connected with Jim‘s campaign: Follow Jim on Twitter and ‘like’ his campaign on Facebook.


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