Justice Skips Work To Begin 2020 Campaign

Brittni McGuire Press Releases

(Charleston, WV)– Today WVDP Chairwoman Belinda Biafore released the following statement regarding Governor Justice’s Announcement for his re-election campaign: 

Governor Jim Justice was campaigning today instead of showing up to work during interims or to prepare for this year’s 2019 Legislative Session. 

Educators, state workers, and other fellow West Virginia workers were on the job while Governor Justice was playing politics touting questionable accomplishments and stretches of his imagination. 

Since Governor Justice took office several counties have been moved to concern of economic distress,  the unemployment rate has not decreased, and Justice and companies have been in and out of  court over taxes and debt. His campaign slogan seems to be ‘Hope Delivered’ but what he has delivered has been anything but hope. 

I surely ‘HOPE’ no state resources were used during or in preparation for today’s announcement.