Justice Owes Taxpayers Answers

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For Immediate Release:
August 6, 2018
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Justice Owes Taxpayers Answers

Biafore: Justice must direct his Tax Dept. to release all of the facts

Justice won’t reveal total amount of taxes and penalties paid

CHARLESTON, WV — Since Governor Jim Justice used public officials, including his own Secretary of Finance Dave Hardy, to announce that his lingering tax issues were resolved, the Governor needs to come clean on the details. Now, the public needs to know it was treated fairly in Justice’s repayment.

Governor Justice needs to explain to the public how much was owed, and how much penalty and interest he ended up paying. Justice and his administration’s officials refused to answer how much was paid, the total cost of the penalties and interest, and how late the tax payments were.

“If Jim Justice can tell his administration to announce that he’s paid some of his taxes, he can direct them to release the total amount he’s paid on penalty and interest,” said Belinda Biafore, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “Since Justice opened up this can of worms with his employees in the Tax Department, he needs to come clean let people know that he didn’t get a sweetheart deal on penalties and interest. By Justice not releasing the full details, he’s still using the power of state government to take up for bad business practices — like using the state as a bank.”

Governor Justice let the state Tax Department publicly open the books on the payments from his companies (none of which are in a blind trust). Since Justice allowed his administration to report that his taxes were paid,  he’s opened himself up to more legitimate questions.

With no public documentation on Justice’s alleged repayment of taxes, how can anyone verify that all of his late taxes are connected to the Russians?