Jim Justice Still Mum on Donald Trump’s Bigoted Actions

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Jim Justice Still Mum on Donald Trump’s Bigoted Actions
How does Justice feel about his friend’s hateful words?
(Charleston, WV)– Last night Donald Trump mentioned Jim Justice’s party switch in his combative campaign rally in Phoenix. To say that Trump was hateful, combative, discriminatory, and untruthful is an understatement.
Jim Justice proved his friendship with Donald Trump knows no boundaries when Trump charged the city of Huntington thousands of dollars just to announce Justice’s party switch and ignore the hardships of Huntington and West Virginia.
It’s clear that their friendship is one of self-serving mentalities, shared views, and lies that are personal and politically motivated. Does Justice share Trump’s bigoted and hateful opinions?
“Donald Trump disgusted the nation last week and last night with his bigoted and hateful actions regarding the tragic act of hate in Charlottesville,” said Belinda Biafore, WVDP. “Jim Justice has remained mum on his agreeance of Trump’s views, but his silence is deafening and we all know what that means. After last night’s shout from his buddy, you would think Justice would want West Virginians to know where he stands on Trumps hate, lies, and bigotry.”
Jim Justice danced around questions of his party switch and staff firings during a press conference earlier in the week without mention of Trump’s actions.
“It’s clear that his silence means he doesn’t see anything wrong with Trump’s actions and lies. The chaos in the Governor’s Office is mirroring the chaos in the White House including the lies coming from both Justice and Trump. West Virginia deserves better. West Virginians deserve to know how Justice feels about Trump’s actions.”