It’s West Virginia Day

Bridget McGuire Blog

Fellow Democrat,

Join me in wishing a happy birthday to our beautiful home state of West Virginia. While today is an amazing day to celebrate those who paved the way for us and our future and those who built West Virginia into what is possible for her today, it is also day to remember what we’re fighting for. 
We’re fighting for each other. We’re fighting so that our children have an education to pave a bright way forward for them in right here at home; we’re fighting so that those who have built this state and paved the way for us, have the health care and the benefits that they need later in life; and we’re fighting so that when our friends and neighbors need a little help, they have it. We don’t turn our backs on each other, no matter how hard the Republican leadership in this state tries to get us to. 
We will not stoop to their level, and we never have. While they try to rip health care out of the hands of nearly 200,000 West Virginians completely and risk it for nearly 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions, we will not back down. While they try to gut our funding for higher eduction, DHHR, health care, and other vital programs, we will stand up. 
We will stand up together. That’s what West Virginia is about and that’s what are values are. 
The Republican leadership in this state does not stand for what we stand for and their values are certainly not West Virginia values. 
Become a card-carrying member of the West Virginia Democratic Party and we promise, the future of West Virginia will be brighter because of you.
Belinda Biafore, WVDP Chair