Here they go again..

Bridget McGuire Press Releases

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Here they go again beating on West Virginia families and workers. What’s it for this time? Self motivations or just downright bad leadership? We say both.

Senate President Bill Cole and Speaker Tim Armstead wrongfully accused Workforce West Virginia of withholding documents on prevailing wage and subpoenaed the state agency for information that Cole and Armstead had all along.

Humiliating the agency and the state workers of West Virginia, Cole and Armstead sent out a joint press release questioning their intentions and insulting their work.

Cole stated that he was troubled by Workforce West Virginia’s “objectivity” and had “grave concerns” about the “legitimacy of their work.”
The inexperience of this leadership is what is truly troubling here and our state workers deserve an apology. The hardworking families of West Virginia deserve an apology. When their wages are being attacked and their jobs are at risk there is no room for this kind of behavior from their leadership.
To question the legitimacy of the work of these hardworking West Virginians while they not only overlook the information they’ve requested, but go as far to bully and humiliate is shameful.
We’ve witnessed and fought against the Republican attack on hardworking West Virginia families and their wages and they just keep adding insult to injury.
Haven’t hardworking families had enough?