GOP TO DISMANTLE PEIA BOARD: Inaction of Republican Leadership on PEIA Shortfall Continues

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Inaction of Republican Leadership on PEIA Shortfall Continues
Charleston, WV– Instead of presenting a plan of action to finally address the PEIA shortfall, Republican Leadership in the Senate pivots and passed a bill to dismantle the PEIA board.
The bill, Senate Bill 622, passed along party lines.

Democratic Senators highlighted the fact that instead of the Republican Leadership fixing the problem that affects 220,000 West Virginians, they are blaming the messengers and creating a new problem or you could look at it as a fake solution.

In an exchange with Republican Senate Government Organization Chair Blair, Dem. Senator Ron Miller asked, “Are the problems we have with PEIA because of problems with the board, or the Legislature’s inaction?” He went on to say, “The public needs to know we’re dealing with the problem, not dealing with the person who tells us there is a problem.”

Democratic Senator John Unger added by stating,” It seems to me like we’re killing the messenger because of the message.”

Democrats in the House and Senate have made it top priority to fund the 124 million dollar PEIA shortfall while Republican Leadership continues to kick the can down the road and create more problems instead of real solutions.