GOP Tax Scam Hurts West Virginia Workers, Retirees, Families, Students, and Seniors

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For Immediate Release
November 16, 2017
Contact: Brittni McGuire,, 304-342-6606
GOP Tax Scam Hurts WV Workers, Retirees, Families, Students, and Seniors
Chairwoman Belinda Biafore released the following statement on the #GOPTaxScam:
The GOP has made it clear once again that their loyalty to corporations and big money outweigh any sort of loyalty they try to portray to West Virginia families. 

McKinley, Jenkins, and Mooney voted for a tax scam that puts a massive burden on middle-class families and while they were at it, they decided it would be a great time to slash healthcare and other vital programs too. Make no mistake this tax scam gives a tax cut to corporations, millionaires, and billionaires while increasing taxes on middle-class families. 

Democrats in West Virginia will always fight for West Virginians first, but now more than ever with Republicans attacking our families, our healthcare, and our jobs, we’re in for one heck of a fight.
 West Virginians deserve a tax reform plan that helps them, not hurts them. They deserve equal opportunity to strive and move West Virginia forward– and they deserve for their Medicare and Medicaid, education, Social Security, and jobs to be protected not attacked like we’ve seen today in the GOP tax scam.”
West Virginians have a lot to lose under the GOP Tax Scam and here are a few critical facts:

* Under the GOP Tax Scam West Virginians earning $30,000 to $75,000 a year will be forced to pay more in taxes even though people earning over $100,000 continue to get substantial tax cuts.

* The Senate GOP Tax Scam makes big cuts for corporations, millionaires and billionaires permanently while making the small cuts for moderate-income families only temporary.

* The House Republican tax scam could also gut $25 billion from Medicare next year while over 400,000 West Virginia seniors rely on Medicare for critical and lifesaving treatments

* The GOP Tax Scam repeals a tax credit for teachers who BUY THEIR OWN teaching supplies, hurting teachers and students in West Virginia.
* It hurtsWest Virginia workers by rewarding corporations that move jobs overseas, taking away the opportunity for job growth in America and West Virginia.
* Older West Virginians will struggle to save for retirement and the GOP tax scam does nothing at all to reduce or eliminate the tax on Social Security benefits that burden more than half of all retiree households
* The GOP tax scam makes it extremely hard for West Virginians to afford their medical expenses. The House bill takes away the ability of West Virginians to deduct their medical expenses.