GOP MIA After Vote to Strip WV Families of Their Health Care

Bridget McGuire Blog

West Virginians continue to seek help and answers from GOP Congressional Delegation who continue to attack their health care. Once again, they are nowhere to be found.
​* 800,000 West Virginians with pre-existing conditions could lose their healthcare coverage 
* Over 172,000 West Virginians WILL lose their health care coverage completely 
* Children will get sick and the loss of health care coverage for seniors and children could result in severe illness & death
* Black lung treatments for retired miners, lifesaving treatment for those recovering from opioid addiction, and cancer treatment will all be gone
* West Virginia’s crippling opioid tragedy will continue to grow
So, why vote for this if you care so much about the people of West Virginia? The truth is, they don’t. They are self-serving politicians who only care about themselves. They voted for this to give tax breaks to their rich buddies and insurance companies while raising out of pocket costs for people like us.