From Chair Belinda Biafore: “You are our number one priority”

Brittni McGuire Blog

Fellow Democrats,

With the resignation of Senator Daniel Hall, we are reminded once again of the self-serving political games that matter most to the GOP.

Be assured that you are our number one priority. We work day in and day out to ensure that your vote matters and that the voting process is honored.

As I said earlier, as Democrats our first priority is always the people of West Virginia. We, at your Democratic Party, are taking the appropriate steps to ensure that the members of the Senatorial Executive Committee of the 9th District have what they need to complete the process to fill their seat.

When hardworking West Virginians of the 9th District voted, they voted for a Democrat. We believe when Senator Hall changed parties for his own personal motivations, he turned his back on the voting process and the voters. 
With his resignation our intentions are the same as they were then, to protect the integrity of the voter and the voting process.
Hardworking West Virginia families deserve representation that will work for them, that will fight for them, not the self-serving politics that we see from the GOP. 
Shortly after his announcement of resignation, Daniel Hall stated to the Charleston Gazette Mail, “’if I have to, I will [stay].’” Not because he believed in fighting for you, but because playing politics is what is important to him and the GOP. The people of Raleigh, Wyoming, and McDowell counties deserve better.
What we are seeing with the resignation of Daniel Hall is exactly what we know and expect from the GOP and that is self-serving political and personal maneuvers to better themselves and their buddies while the people of West Virginia suffer.
The efforts of the GOP are preventing the people of the Ninth Senatorial District from having an elected official who wants to work for them and we will not stand by and allow that to happen. 
Belinda Biafore, Chair