For Immediate Release: Republican Budget Cuts Education Funding, Raises Tuition

Curt Zickafoose Press Releases

Republican Budget Cuts Education Funding, Raises Tuition
Marshall University sees 9% increase, WVU 5% in tuition and fees 
(Charleston, WV)– As a result of the devastating education cuts made by Republican leadership in the Legislature, Marshall and WVU students are being charged more to go to school. Costs for tuition are rising by hundreds and thousands of dollars.
“Because the Republicans would rather make massive cuts to our state’s higher education funding to give their big money friends a break, now young West Virginians will pay the price,” said Belinda Biafore, WVDP Chair. “One thing I thought we could all agree on was the betterment of the future of our state and her people, but I guess I was wrong. The hikes go up as high as nearly 1,000 more per semester just so our Republican leaders can keep their political loyalties and do their rich friends a favor or two.”
In the 2018 budget, Marshall University’s funding is cut by 6.7% and the hole will be filled with money out of the pockets of those trying to create a future for themselves and West Virginia.
Resident tuition at WVU will increase $384 per academic year, from $7,992 to $8,376; non-resident tuition goes up $1,128 from $22,488 to $23,616.
“Our own West Virginians and those who have the opportunity to come into West Virginia are now being further deterred, and will possibly go somewhere else or not go to college at all.”