FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Governor Justice Exposed By Tim Miley on MetroNews

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For Immediate Release:
Monday, August 6, 2018

Governor Justice Exposed By Tim Miley on MetroNews

Justice lashes out to cover up chaos in his own administration

Democratic Leader calls out Justice for trying to cover up his major failures


CHARLESTON, WV — Today, House Democratic Leader Tim Miley (D-Harrison) appeared on WV MetroNews and responded to Governor Jim Justice’s political attacks over the weekend.

Watch the interview here.

Miley pointed out that Governor Justice is desperately trying to cover his tracks for the failures of his administration. Miley said that Justice wanted the title of “Governor,” but doesn’t actually want to do the job he was elected to do.

“Jim Justice doesn’t like being held accountable for his actions,” said Belidna Biafore, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “Democrats won’t hesitate to remind West Virginians that the Justice Administration is in complete shambles, and that the Republicans in charge of the legislature are allowing it to happen. It’s an embarrassment that Jim Justice won’t come clean on the taxes he owes to the state and take responsibility for the chaos that’s happened on his watch.”

First, Jim Justice won’t disclose how much he owes in state taxes, how many contractors he’s failed to pay for completed work, and what penalties and interest he’s had to pay to the state of West Virginia. In addition, Justice’s coal companies have failed to pay transportation fees to the Public Service Commission, money for building and maintaining state roads.

Second, Jim Justice won’t answer questions about why he grossly underestimated the cost of new road projects. Now, West Virginians are learning that all of the projects Justice promised won’t come to fruition.

Third, the Justice Administration can’t find a new Commerce Secretary due to the Governor’s mismanagement. On Justice’s watch, the Department of Health and Human Resources paid $1 million in rent for a building that wasn’t being used.