For Immediate Release: Cole’s Campaign Tour Won’t Change His Failed Record On Fixing Roads and Jobs

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Cole’s Campaign Tour Won’t Change His Failed Record On Fixing Roads and Jobs

Cole needs to explain his reasons for passing the buck on road funding and his effort to cut wages for workers

CHARLESTON, WV— Starting tomorrow, state Senate President Bill Cole will embark on a campaign tour in an to attempt gloss-over his abysmal record in Charleston. Senator Cole must explain his budget-busting roads plan that will pass the buck to counties and raise taxes on West Virginia families—a “dead end” proposal sharply criticized by county commissioners.

As the Senator continues his political grandstanding, West Virginia workers are left wondering why Cole wants to cut their wages. Yesterday on the Tom Roten radio show, Bill Cole promised he would continue his push for “outright repeal” of West Virginia’s prevailing wage law. Working families across the state are still waiting on Cole to explain why he thinks construction workers make too much money.

“Instead of doing his job in the state Senate, Cole is hiding behind scripted campaign events to mask his lack of progress on job creation,” said Brittni McGuire, a spokeswoman for the West Virginia Democratic Party. “Is he going to look these workers in the eye and explain to them why he is going after their wages? Of course not. He will continue his talking points on ‘job creation’, when we have yet to see him create one job. Instead he is working to gut the good quality jobs hard-working West Virginians already have.”



The Bill Cole Road Fund Scheme

WOAY–ABC: County Commissioners throughout the state are strongly opposing this possible legislation. [9.25.2015]

Cabell County Commissioner Bob Bailey: “I’m just telling you, if this passes, this county commission is done,” Bailey said during the commissioner’s report portion of the meeting at the Cabell County Courthouse. [9.25.2015]

Fayette County Commissioner Matt Wender: This about political preservation… [Bill Cole] certainly doesn’t want to be tagged with raising taxes. Leadership says you have to do something, you can’t just pass the buck and force the issue down to counties. And say, ‘OK, now it’s their fault’. ” [9.25.2015]

West Virginia Gazette-Mail: Statehouse Beat:

“The idea of requiring counties to take on maintenance of county roads is incredibly poorly thought out…If you think there’s waste, abuse and mismanagement in the Division of Highways, wait until you multiple it by 55 little highways fiefdoms.” [9.27.2015]

Huntington Herald-Dispatch:

[Bob Bailey] described the idea as yet another cost that would be passed down from Charleston onto the counties, which already are experiencing financial difficulties. [9.25.2015]