For Immediate Release: Cole Breaks Promise and Begs for Campaign Cash in California With Koch Brothers

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Cole Breaks Promise and Begs for Campaign Cash in California With Koch Brothers

During a budget crisis, Cole was busy hunting for cash at an out-of-state luxury donor confab

CHARLESTON, WV — Over the weekend, Senate President Bill Cole was on the West Coast hob-knobbing with the Koch Brothers at donor meetings to raise money. Cole promised West Virginians he would not be campaigning during the legislative session. However, The Hill and The Desert Sun reported that Cole attended this gathering of mega-donors and special interests.

In the midst of a budget crisis, Bill Cole spent his weekend trying to raise money to help his own political career. Instead of doing the job he was elected to do, Bill Cole was preoccupied courting ultra-wealthy donors. At the end of the day, Senator Cole is only interested in helping himself.

Cole at Koch Retreat

“This is the latest example of Bill Cole doing what’s best for Bill Cole— not the people of West Virginia,” said Brittni McGuire, a spokeswoman for the West Virginia Democratic Party. “Senator Cole’s promises don’t mean much, because his agenda is all about helping himself. Instead of raising money in California, Cole needs to focus on doing his job in West Virginia. His promise not to campaign during the session turned out to be  just another Cole Lemon.”



WV MetroNews: Cole: Upcoming Legislative session ‘zero’ about run for governor

The last three weeks leading up to session I’m not running for governor. I’m taking on my role as Senate President and that alone,” said Cole (R-Mercer, 06).  [12/14/2015]
Cole said his mission is all about “delivering a subsidized session for the taxpayers for West Virginia and zero about me running for governor.”  [12/14/2015]