Fellow Democrats, We need to vote them out.

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Fellow Democrats,

Today is the 30th day of the 2016 Legislative Session. We are halfway through and sadly, we have seen not one attempt from the Republican Majority to fund or fix PEIA, to address the severe budget issues, to present a jobs plan that will “create jobs” (as they all told us they would do), or to move West Virginia forward in any manner.
I can tell you what we HAVE SEEN. We have seen the Republican majority gut a stable workforce that we do have in West Virginia with the so-called “right-to-work” legislation that guts your wages, diminishes workplace safety, and dismantles your unions who have fought long and hard for our workers. We have seen the Republican majority take money out of the pockets and food off the table of hardworking families by repealing the prevailing wage requirements for this state that ensured that every West Virginia worker is paid fairly for their hard work. We have seen careless gun legislation that takes away commonsense practice that protects our Second Amendment Rights. We have seen a bill that gives individuals the right to discriminate against their fellow West Virginians. We have seen a bill make its way through the House that infringes on your voting rights, making it harder for you to vote.
The Republican majority is taking our state backward, not forward. These 60 days are sacred to our citizens. They depend on their representatives to fight for them, to help them, and to push legislation for the betterment of our state. They have not, until the election of the Republican majority, seen such a radical attack on their wages, jobs, rights, or equality in the state of West Virginia.
Democrats have stood up time and time again this session and fought for your wages, your jobs, your rights, and your equality. We have stood up to provide solutions to the real problems WV faces only to be told “no”.
So, who are the Republicans working for? It’s not for you. It’s for themselves and their political and personal motivations, their big money friends and donors, and out-of-state corporations and interest groups coming to WV to take your jobs and your wages.
As Delegate Mike Caputo said, ” These aren’t our seats. These are your seats. We occupy them and represent you for two years at a time and if a Delegate loses sight of who this this seat belongs to, then I think it’s time that they go home.”
And he is right.
Your West Virginia Democratic Party