Evan Jenkins Refuses To Ditch Mitch

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Evan Jenkins Refuses To Ditch Mitch

Jenkins said that voters owe a debt of gratitude to McConnell

POLITICO: Jenkins is “the only candidate explicitly backing McConnell this cycle.

NATIONAL JOURNAL: Jenkins is McConnell’s “preferred choice”

CHARLESTON, WV — At last night’s Fox News debate Congressman Evan Jenkins said that West Virginians owe a “debt of gratitude” to Mitch McConnell.

Really? Congressman Jenkins actually thinks West Virginians should be grateful to Mitch McConnell?

McConnell is responsible for blocking coal miner pensions, and trying to take away healthcare from 200,000 West Virginians.

“West Virginians know that it’s time to ditch Mitch, but Evan Jenkins hasn’t got the message,” said Belinda Biafore, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “Congressman Jenkins’ is loyal to McConnell and his agenda that hurts West Virginia families.”

West Virginians can sign up to get “DITCH MITCH” bumper sticker.