DITCH THE MITCHES: Carmichael calls educators “radical”

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DITCH THE MITCHES: Carmichael calls educators “radical”

WV Senate President attacks teachers during Twitter meltdown

CHARLESTON, WV— Yesterday, West Virginia state Senate President Mitch Carmichael took to Twitter to continue his attacks on teachers and public education. Carmichael called teachers “radical” for wanting fair wages and a fix to PEIA.

Carmichael famously tried to deny West Virginia teachers and service personnel a pay raise during the teacher strike. It’s the same strategy being used by U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to block coal miner pensions and cut Social Security.

Carmichael started his unhinged rant because he is clearly angry about being exposed as an enemy of West Virginia schools and working families. If Carmichael and his Republican allies had their way, there wouldn’t be better wages for educators.

West Virginians want to ditch Mitch Carmichael and Mitch McConnell and their candidates in November.

“Mitch Carmichael is lashing out because West Virginia voters are starting to figure out that it’s time to ditch both of the Mitches and the Republicans they control,” said Belinda Biafore, chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “Carmichael didn’t learn any lessons from the strike. Working people won’t be pushed around when politicians like Carmichael and McConnell want to use their position of power to oppose higher wages and undermine a secure retirement.”