Democrats are united and excited for 2016

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Fellow Democrats,
Saturday was the last day of the candidate filing period to run for office in 2016 & Democrats came out excited and ready to stand up for West Virginia families. We, at the West Virginia Democratic Party, could not me more happy with all of our Democrats who filed to run for office and fight for you.
We are watching a legislative session right now where the Republican majority is continuing their attack on West Virginia workers and their families. With their self-serving agenda, the GOP puts profit over people and a radical national agenda over the real issues that West Virginia faces.
The Republican majority continues to push legislation for “right-to-work” and repealing the prevailing wage that will dismantle our unions, gut workers’ wages and benefits, and lower the quality of jobs here in our home state. Where are the jobs they promised to create? We don’t see any. Where is their solution for funding PEIA? We don’t see one. What is more important to them? They are.
Democrats in the House and Senate are fighting every single day for working families. We are fighting to fund PEIA and we are fighting for the jobs you hold today and we are fighting to bring jobs to our state in the future.
Democrats are fighting for you and we’re fighting the Republican attack on hardworking West Virginia families.
We stand united and the candidates that have filed for office shows the excitement and dedication that Democrats have.
We thank all of our candidates and wish them all the best of luck!
Your West Virginia Democratic Party