Cole is politicizing your children’s education

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bill cole

Senator Bill Cole is playing politics with your children’s education.

Using rhetoric filled with misinformation, Senate President and GOP governor hopeful, Bill Cole, has declared that he would end West Virginia’s Next Generation education standards without so much as an idea of how to replace them.

A majority of  members of the education community support these standards and encourage studying and strengthening them to better our children’s education while Senator Cole and the GOP have used “Common Core” as a political ploy during the legislative session and leading into their campaigns for 2016.
We believe that children’s education is not about one party or the other.
 It’s about providing them with the right steps to lead our next generation and our state to a bright future.
West Virginia does not deserve a governor that puts his own political interest over the education of our children.
Senator Cole is politicizing your children’s education and that is not acceptable.