Chair Belinda Biafore: Today we honor our WVFDW

Brittni McGuire Blog

Fellow Democrats,

I had the honor and the privilege to spend my day today with my friends and fellow Democrats of the West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women.

Today the WVFDW was honored and recognized in the Senate by Senator Jeff Kessler and fellow Senate Democrats with Senate Resolution 38.

I would like to thank all of our Senate Democrats for giving this group the recognition that they deserve.


I have been a part of the WVFDW since 1975 and I have seen firsthand the passion, the commitment, the dedication and the work that these women put into the fight for all of us. These women, this group, and all of the women who have been a part of WVFDW hold a special place in my heart and I believe that we are all in this fight together.

We have seen the attack that the Republican majority has led against women, workers, and families of our state and without groups like WVFDW we could not continue the fight!

I believe that the women of the WVFDW are not only the “heart of the Party”, but they are also the blood, sweat, and tears of the Party.

Day after day this group fights on behalf of all of us and they work tirelessly to ensure that every West Virginian has a voice. From getting fellow Mountaineers registered to vote, to knocking on doors, to getting people to the polls, to pushing issues and movements that benefit every West Virginian, we can count on this group of women.

They have never let us down and have never given up when times are hard.

It is impossible to thank them enough, but I would like to thank each and every member of the West Virginia Federation of Democratic Women for all of their hard work and dedication to our Party and the betterment of our great State.


Belinda Biafore, Chair