Chair Belinda Biafore: “Today is what it’s all about..”

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Fellow Democrats,

Today is what it’s all about.

Today we celebrate 50 years of Medicare and Medicaid. On this day five decades ago President Lyndon B. Johnson signed Medicare and Medicaid into law, ensuring that those who have helped build our great nation have access to the health care that they deserve.

Medicare and Medicaid have provided millions of Americans and West Virginians with access to good health care when they need it. Being there for others that have worked hard when they need a little help is what today is about and that is what we are about.

Democrats fight every single day to ensure that our hardworking families have access to good health care for their grandparents, parents, children, and future generations and this is a fight that we are not giving up. The success of these programs and the peace of mind that they provide to families is simply unmeasurable and we will not stand by while Republicans try and take that away.

Here we are five decades later still fighting for these programs. Just last year WV Republican Reps. Capito and McKinley voted in favor of the Ryan Budget that would end Medicare as we know it and force seniors to pay more for health care.

Their ideas are only getting worse.

The Republican Party, in West Virginia and America, has made it clear that they want to end Medicare and leave these seniors without the care that they deserve.

Taking health care programs away from seniors and retirees that deserve them is NOT what today is about and it is NOT what Democrats are about.

We will continue our fight to ensure that this doesn’t happen and to ensure that our seniors and our future generations still have the care that they deserve.


Belinda Biafore, Chair