Chair Belinda Biafore: Morrisey’s lies exposed, WV deserves better

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Attorney General Patrick Morrisey is continuing to show his true colors and the people of West Virginia deserve better

Let’s start with what came to light last week as the Charleston Gazette-Mail reported of Morrisey’s unethical wrongdoings. Morrisey once again put politics over the people of West Virginia by hiring a campaign strategist on the state’s payroll forcing hardworking West Virginia families to pay for it (around 100,000 as a matter of fact)! Morrisey created the position of “deputy chief of staff” not to help West Virginia, but to help his own political efforts leading into 2016.

When Morrisey’s unethical actions became public knowledge, the political strategist resigned and Morrisey released a statement stating, “There are outlets of partisan influence in this state that will stop at nothing to advance their agenda through any means necessary.” We can’t help but think he has got to be talking about his own self-serving actions and agenda, right?

Going further down the rabbit hole of Morrisey’s lies brings us to the Cardinal Health case that he has been lying about his extremely unethical role in. Despite “claims” by Morrisey himself  that he had “recused” himself from the case because of his wife’s involvement, he was giving his office “specific instructions” for their lawsuits against Cardinal Health.

West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey gave “specific instructions” for his office’s lawsuits against drug giant Cardinal Health and other pain pill wholesalers, while Cardinal Health was paying Morrisey’s wife to lobby for the company in Washington, D.C. (Eric Eyre, Charleston Gazette-Mail).

Morrisey has lied and fought tooth and nail to keep this a secret for two years, but the proof is in the pudding. Read the article in it’s entirety here that includes copies of the emails and documents that show Morrisey’s lies and his involvement.

It is downright sickening to see Morrisey lie to the people of West Virginia over and over, and continue his corrupt behavior and get away with it!

Hardworking West Virginia families deserve better than this.