Call your GOP Senators! Our brothers and sisters need us..

Brittni McGuire Blog

Fellow Democrats,

Thousands of West Virginia workers and their families have gathered at the Capitol on more than one occasion fighting the attack on their wages by the Republican majority.


TOMORROW at 11 a.m. the so called “right to work” or “workplace freedom” legislation (Senate Bill 1)  goes to the Senate floor for a vote.

Time and time again, West Virginia workers have expressed their sincere concern and frustration with the Republican majority over their attack on their wages and their jobs. You know what the Republican majority does? They ignore them! Since wasting no time on day one (even making “right to work” Senate Bill 1) of the 2016 legislative session, they’ve been attacking West Virginia workers and their families.

Democrats will stand with you in this fight. We will do everything we can to continue to fight the Republican attack on West Virginia workers. Our workers need your help. Call your Republican Senators and tell them enough is enough! Tell them to vote NO on Senate Bill 1. Right to work is wrong!

Find their numbers here and stand up for West Virginia workers.