Call your Delegates, urge them to vote NO on repealing prevailing wage

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Fellow Democrats,

The Republican majority’s war on wages and workers continues TOMORROW at 11 a.m. when House Bill 4005, repealing prevailing wage, will be on the House floor for a vote.

West Virginia workers and their families have fought tooth and nail to protect their wages and voice their concerns and all they get from the Republican majority =  more attacks on their jobs.

Don’t let them ignore our workers! Don’t let them ignore you!

Call your Delegates and tell them to vote “NO” on #HB 4005, repealing prevailing wage! Find their numbers here and stand with West Virginia Workers.

Want to know who is standing up for our workers and their families? Join us in support of West Virginia workers tomorrow at 11 a.m. and find out who is standing with us!

West Virginia deserves better!


West Virginia Democratic Party