Bray Cary Must Answer For Alleged Mistreatment of Female Nurse

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December 13, 2017

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Bray Cary Must Answer For Alleged Mistreatment of Female Nurse

Nurse claimed Cary got angry and pulled hair out of her head

Complaint: [Cary] returned with his trousers visibly unzipped and was very rude and insulting

CHARLESTON, WV — Now that Bray Cary has a central role in Governor Justice’s office, the people of West Virginia need answers about the allegations against Cary from a female nurse. According to the West Virginia Record, Melinda Heiss claimed she had to quit her job due to emotional distress.

Before Bray Cary started in his role as “Special Assistant” to Governor Justice, a female nurse filed a complaint against Cary alleging that he pulled her hair and returned from a urine test “with his trousers visibly unzipped.”

The complaint says that Bray Cary “refused to allow her to leave the office” and  “Cary grabbed the phone from her hand, pulling hair out of her head.” The lawsuit says that Cary was “hostile” and acted “rude” toward the nurse.

“Since Bray Cary is serving in an official capacity in the Governor’s office, West Virginians deserve to know the details of what happened between Cary and his nurse,” said Belinda Biafore, Chair of the West Virginia Democratic Party. “If Cary is working in the Capitol every day next to state workers and walking the halls near visitors to the Capitol, we need to know if there is a chance he’ll go around pulling people’s hair with his trousers unzipped. These allegations are not to be taken lightly and those working with Cary and those around him need to feel safe, not uneasy or threatened. We all know that the Governor is only working on a part-time basis and might not have the time to look into the background of his newest worker.”


Instead of going to the restroom, Cary went into an office, urinated in the cup and returned “with his trousers visibly unzipped,” according to the suit. She claims Cary was very rude and insulting when he gave her the sample.


In the complaint, Heiss says she decided to discontinue the examination and leave, but “At this point, Defendant Cary stood in front of the closed office door and told Your Plaintiff that she was ‘… not going anywhere’ until she gave him back the vial of blood, and refused to allow her to leave the office.”

Heiss says she then called her company, Portamedic, but while on the phone “Cary grabbed the phone from her hand, pulling hair out of her head.”  She left the building, putting her medical bags in her car, but returned for her cell phone.