Belinda Biafore, Chair: On Labor Day, remember who you’re celebrating

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Labor Day is a celebration, not only a time for picnics or that last long weekend to the beach, but a time to pay tribute to working men and women.

Labor Day, created by the Labor movement, is dedicated to the achievements of American workers and the sacrifices and contributions made by them.

Before unions workers had very few rights and protections. Workers didn’t stand up for themselves and their families until it became clear that big corporations weren’t fighting for the workers, they were fighting for themselves.  Instead of focusing on people, corporations focused on profits.

Before unions there was no such things as a weekend, a break, a paid vacation, family and medical leave, or even sick leave.

Before unions minimum wage did not exist, civil rights did not exist, overtime pay did not exist, and child labor laws did not exist.  

Before unions there was no 40 hour work week, no workers compensation, and no unemployment insurance.  

Before unions there were no safe workplace regulations, no wrongful termination laws, no sexual harassment laws, and no whistleblower laws.  

Before unions there was no holiday pay, no dental and vision insurance, no pregnancy or paternal leave, and no military leave.

That is why we stand with our unions and that is why we stand with our workers.

Today, we are faced with employers that are trying to shed responsibility for providing health insurance to their workers, employers that are trying take away pension coverage that was worked for and paid into, and employers that are trying to take away job safety protections.  

Companies are wanting to make workers’ jobs and incomes less secure by downsizing, part-timing, contracting out, and sending jobs off-shore.  

Now more than ever before we need to stand up for our workers, stand up for our retirees, and not be afraid to speak out on behalf of this crusade against our hardworking families.

We cannot go back to the days of sweatshop conditions and poor wages. We cannot stand by and watch rollbacks on any of the benefits our hardworking class fought so long and so hard to get.  

America’s working families deserve better.
Today, while you celebrate Labor Day, remember what and who you’re celebrating and join us in standing with our workers and our unions.